LPC-Link 2 - JTAG Debugger

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Der LPC-Link2 ist ein kostengünstiges JTAG Tool, welches mit unterschiedlichen Firmware bespielt werden kann.

Folgende Firmware Versionen stehen im Moment zur Verfügung:

  • J-Link by Segger (nur ARM Controller von NXP)
  • Redlink by Code Red Technologies

LPC-Link 2 is an extensible, stand-alone debug adapter that can be configured to support various development tools and IDEs by downloadable firmwares.

Available firmware images include:

  • J-Link by Segger (only for ARM based NXP devices)
  • Redlink by Code Red Technologies

The board is supported by the LPCXpresso IDE and all development environments that supports the J-Link and CMSIS-DAP interface.

This product is delivered with a 10-pos IDC Ribbon Cable.

LPC-Link 2 is the latest addition to the LPCXpresso development platform.

LPC-Link 2

SWD/JTAG interface voltage 1.2V - 5.5V supported
Dimensions 84 x 37 mm
Powering Via USB cable from PC
Connectors • standard 10-pin JTAG/SWD connector
• 20-pin JTAG/SWD/ETM connector
• analog expansion header*
• digital expansion header*
• serial expansion header*
Supported development tools • Compatible with the LPCXpresso IDE and Code Red Technologies Red Suite via the Redlink interface
• Compatible with tools/IDEs that support the Segger J-Link via downloadable firmware image
• Compatible with tools/IDEs that support CMSIS-DAP by ARM via downloadable firmware image

Note that schematic and BSP for the board is not yet published. Exactly when this will happen is unknown.

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