Parts Bundle - Symet 1381

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These aren't kits, as much as they are an inexpensive bag of components so you can build yourself a Symet along the lines of the PMK Trimet. Basic instructions included on how to free-form (solder without using a circuit board) a 1381-based Solarengine, and how to assemble the mechanics. The Symet parts bundle includes:

  • 3904 & 3906 transistors
  • 2.2k resistor
  • 4x 1000µF capacitors
  • SCC2433B-MSE Solarcell
  • RM1a Motor
  • 3 large paperclips
  • 1381C trigger
  • diode
  • Print-out of the free-forming instructions

Note: The 1381 version is a bit harder to build, but more power-efficient.. Please note that to bring this package to you at such a great price, we cannot offer the same 100% satisfaction guarantee as we do our full kits.

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