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Create your own Propeller Platform Modules with the ProtoPlus Module!

The ProtoPlus Module gives you a generous prototyping area to build your own circuits and connect sensors, switches, or LED's.

  • Take advantage of the Propeller Platform's CD-quality audio with coaxial audio output that featuring low-pass filtering
  • Onboard video output in NTSC or PAL
  • Extended prototyping area: 18 columns x 17 rows = 306 holes!
Traces in the prototyping area are also marked in the silkscreen, so it's easy to see how the traces are connected.

Add pin sockets to the top to add additional Modules on top. The center prototyping area is a great fit for a mini-breadboard, too.

Using it: Audio
Audio output is connected to P11, here are a few programs to get you started;

CD-Quality audio playback (download)
Playback CD-Quality audio stored on a microSD card

Speech Synthesis (download)
Convert written text to speech

Chiptunes (download)
Emulate classic audio chips like the SID

Using it: Video
Use video to make a game, display data, or create interaction. Here are a few examples;

Text (download)
Use a TV for displaying numbers and text

Graphics (download)
Enhance your display with colored triangles, ovals, and rectangles

Video (download)
Play back stored video sequences

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