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  • Durchmesser 7.05mm
  • Länge 16.54mm  (mit Welle 21.7mm) (0.854")
  • Wellendurchmesser 1.01mm
  • Betriebsspannung 1,5 - 5 Volt

These new, factory-fresh pager motors come ready-to-run: no eccentric weight removal necessary like on surplus pager motors!

Alas, since Namiki no longer manufactures the brutish 7mm "1701" pager motor we all know and love, we've been searching for a worthy replacement, at substantial savings!

Search is over!

These new, factory-fresh (not surplus!) motors are comparable in performance and quality to the originals. The only major difference is the lack of a steel sleeve on the 1mm diameter output shaft. Don't worry - if you need a 1.5mm diameter shaft, we've found that 18 gauge wire insulation slips on and makes a very suitable bushing!

It measures in at 7.05mm (0.277") diameter, 16.54mm (0.651") body length, and 21.7mm (0.854") overall length, with the shaft diameter of 1.01mm(0.039").

1.5V gives 17.5mA free draw current (120mA stall) at 9700RPM.
3V gives 22mA free (260mA stall) at 18,420RPM.
5V operation give 32.1mA free (420 stall) at 31900RPM!


RPM Current (free) Current (stall
1.5V 9700 17.5mA 120mA
3.0V 18420 22mA 260mA
5.0V 31900 32.1mA 420mA


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