Shield-LoL-10mm-ASM Grün

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Dieses LoL Shield Kit besteht aus 126 grünen 10mm LEDs, jede kann einzeln über eine Matrix angesteuert werden. Die LEDs sind bei dieser Version schon vorbestückt.

This is Lot-Of-Leds multiplexing LEDs shield with 126 LEDs made in 14x9 matrix. This shield originally was developed by Jimmie P Rodgers and you can find his original project and Arduino libraries here When we saw this shield first time we fall in love with it, it was so simple and nice to play with, especially when we saw how Super-Awesome-Sylvia assembed it :) What we didn't like on the original design was that it uses only 3mm LEDs, so we made another one with 5 mm and 10 mm LEDs and one complete LOL with embedded Arduino called LOL-TEXTILE which is 30x20 cm and can't be attached to your clothing back.


  • 126 individually addressable LEDs
  • Arduino libraries, pong, tetris, invaders games
  • Bright LEDs 5000 mcd
  • available in 4 LED sizes: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, and SMT 3528
  • available in 4 colors: RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE
  • available in KIT form or completely ASSEMBLED and tested!



  • LOL shield design files

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