Seeeduino Film

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Das Seeeduino Film ist ein flexibles Arduino kompatibles Board von Seeed Studio.
Alle Pins sind auch im 2,54mm Raster zugänglich.

Seeeduino FILM is an Arduino compatible development platform for space-sensitive projects. It’s flexible, super slim, with built-in Li-Po charger, suitable to build wearable applications. FILM and other extension FRAMEs could be simply connected via the 20p universal bus like a chain, native 2.54mm pitch pins also enables quick prototyping.

  • Arduino compatible
  • Flexible
  • Ultra small/slim form factor   
  • Transform by cutting and chaining  
  • Full functional Atmega168  
  • 0.1” pitch pad breakout  
  • 20pin daisy-chain flex bus  
  • UartSB programming compatible  
  • Built-in charger circuit  
  • Reinforced to increase endurance

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