SoilWatch 10 - Soil moisture sensor

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Arduino compatible soil moisture sensor. Waterproof, reliable and affordable. Measure it right!

SoilWatch 10 is a soil moisture sensor which allows measuring relative water content in the soil. It’s far more superior to resistive soil moisture sensors. Our sensor does not have any exposed electrodes that usually corrode in resistive sensors. Whats more the reads will almost not drift over time or with temperature changes. Our sensor will give the same readings regardless of supply voltage. The sensor is weatherproof. It can be buried in soil for extended periods of time without adverse effects on accuracy or reliability. Designed to work with Arduino.


- Accurate
- Easy to use
- 75Mhz capacitive sensor
- Waterproof and weatherproof
- Will last a lot longer than resistive soil moisture sensors
- Designed to work with Arduino


- Irrigation management
- Soil moisture monitoring
- Water level monitoring
- Spillage detection