Tamiya 71101 Mechanical Dog - Four Leg Walking Type

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This four-legged Mechanical Dog supports eight different walking configurations: four possible strides and two possible speeds.

Motor rotation is transferred to the legs via crank plates and linkage rods, causing the Mechanical Dog to walk. The dog’s stride depends on the crank holes to which the front legs are attached, which means there are four possible strides for you to choose from. Put this together with the two possible gear ratios and you’ve got an 8-speed puppy. Gripping parts at the end of each leg to change position according to speed for smooth movement. The body is made from a transparent yellow ABS resin that allows you to see all of the motors, gears, cranks, and linkage rods in action.

Basic specifications

- Total length: 165 mm
- Body material: ABS resin
- 2 possible gear ratios coupled with 4 different strides let you choose 8 different speeds.
- Spring tail also included.
- Gearbox, motor, and control switch are included.
- Requires one AA (a.k.a. R6 or UM3) battery (sold separately).
- Continuous running time with Alkaline battery: 2hrs. at low speed / 1hr. at high speed

Note: This is a kit. Assembly requires using a screwdriver and snapping parts together. No soldering is required. Run on flat, smooth surfaces; avoid running over slopes, on bumpy roads, or on thick carpet.

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