Tiny Pager Motor

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Lagernd, versandfertig in 24 Stunden.

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Pager motor technology has made it easier for us to find a suitable replacement for the original TPM for substantially less!

Want to build something itty bitty? Try these: Just 4mm (0.158") diameter and an overall length of 16.4mm (0.65") with an output shaft diameter of 0.66mm (0.026").

Performance at 1.5V is 12.4mA unloaded (36.8mA stall) at 10,100RPM.
At 3V, current is 17.6mA free (73mA stall) at 20300RPM!
And just for fun, 5V give 20.3mA free (117mA stall) at 32,500RPM! It's weaker than the 7mm RPM2, but at this size, that's an acceptable trade-off!

Voltage RPM Current (free) Current (stall)
1.5V 10100 12.4mA 36.8mA
3.0V 20300 17.6mA 73mA
5.0V 32500 - -