TinyScreen Basic Kit

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This TinyScreen Basic Kit has the bare essentials to get going with the TinyDuino with the OLED TinyScreen!  This kit comes with a TinyDuino processor with lithium battery support, so you can run your projects off a battery. You can also power your TinyDuino with a USB cable plugged in.     

This kit includes the following items:

-TinyDuino Processor Board w/ lithium battery support - Runs your Arduino and TinyScreen programs
- TinyShield USB Board - Used to communicate with your TinyDuino from your computer and upload new programs (USB Top Mount version)
- TinyScreen - OLED TinyShield - A beautiful 96x64 color OLED display
- Battery - Power your TinyDuino projects

This kit also includes basic instructions to get your first program running.

To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here

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