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Der Turbot ist mit zwei frei formbaren Armen ausgestattet, mit diesen bewegt er sich auch fort. Als Sensor kommt eine Fotozelle zum Einsatz, der Roboter hat die Bestrebung sich immer in Richtung einer Lichtquelle zu bewegen.

The xenomorphic Turbot is nothing like any other robot you've seen! Designed with no default sense of up or down, left or right, the Turbot scrambles over the landscape, easily tackling obstacles equal in height to itself!

The Turbot's two arms let it reach, scrape, hook and claw its way over any obstacle. If something does manage to become ensnared, Turbot releases its prize so it can continue on chasing the light!

Solarbotics has been researching Turbots for a good, long time, having had the privilege to examine Mark W. Tilden's original Turbots. Now, we're pleased to release our Turbot Kit to anybody interested in these highly dynamic, personable robots.

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