Zippy2 Ethernet Combo Board (KSZ8851SNL-BBE-EVAL)

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Das Zippy2 ist ein Erweiterungsboard für das Beagleboard.
Es besitzt eine 10Mbit/100Mbit Ethernetschnittstelle, SD/MMC Slot, batteriegestüzte RTC, RS-232 Port und ein 5V I2C Interface.

The Zippy2 (KSZ8851SNL-BBE-EVAL) 10/100 Ethernet Combo Board is an expansion board for the BeagleBoard that adds an Ethernet interface, a second SD/MMC memory card interface, a battery backed-up Real Time Clock, a second RS-232 serial port, and a I²C expansion interface (5V). 

The Zippy2 board is compatible with all revisions of the BeagleBoard (both Rev B and Rev C BeagleBoards).

10/100BaseT Ethernet
The Zippy2 provides a standard 10/100BaseT interface (10/100 Megabit) and uses the Micrel KSZ8851SNL SPI to Ethernet controller. 

SD/MMC Interface
The Zippy2 provides a second SD/MMC interface.  The interface supports both 3.3V and 1.8V memory cards.

Real Time Clock
The Zippy2 provides a battery backed-up Real Time Clock (RTC).  The backup power is provided by a small 3V lithium coin battery and is held in place by a battery holder.  

Compatible 3V Lithium Coin Batteries:

  • CR1216
  • CR1220
  • CR1225
Battery cell size = 12mm.
The RTC battery is not included.

RS-232 Serial Port
The Zippy2 provides a second RS-232 serial port for the BeagleBoard.  There are two serial connectors provided.  Either connector is available for use: 1) standard DB9 Male connector, or 2) 2x5 shrouded header (0.1 inch pin spacing). 

I²C Expansion Interface
The Zippy2 provides a expansion connector (4 pin header) for access to the BeagleBoard I²C signals.  The signals have been level translated to 5V to allow easy connection to standard 5V peripherals.

I²C expansion header pin assignments:
  • pin 1 - +5V Power
  • pin 2 - SDA (5V signal level)
  • pin 3 - SCL (5V signal level)
  • pin 4 - Ground
Board size = 3.0 inches x 3.1 inches (same size as the BeagleBoard). 

Each Zippy2 board comes with the following:
  • Four (4) board standoffs 
  • Four (4) board to board spacers
  • Eight (8) screws 
  • 1 male expansion connector (2x14 male header - unshrouded) that will need to be soldered into the BeagleBoard's expansion header.

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