TI C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad (LAUNCHXL-F28027)

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Product description

The C2000™ Piccolo LaunchPad is an inexpensive evaluation platform designed to help you leap right into the world of real-time control programming on the C2000 Piccolo microcontrollers. The LaunchPad is based on the Piccolo TMS320F28027 with unique features such as 64KB of on board flash, 8 PWM channels, eCAP, 12bit ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, and much more. It includes many board hardware features such as an integrated isolated XDS100 JTAG emulator for easy programming and debugging, 40 PCB pins for easy access to the pins of the F28027 processor, reset button and programmable button, etc. Not only does the C2000 LaunchPad have the required hardware for development, it is also provides users with access to example code, libraries, drivers, and many more resources through controlSUITE which is available for free. Along with controlSUITE, users can also download an unrestricted version of Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE) version 5.

With all the hardware and software needed to start development, users can focus on learning or developing real-time control systems in areas such as digital lighting, motor control, digital power conversion, precision sensing, and much more.

My First C2000 LaunchPad Project: Internal Temperature Measurement

Get started today!

The Internal Temperature Measurement project demos an application where a reference temperature is take at the beginning of a mode and the LEDs on the LaunchPad are used to display the difference between the current temperature and the reference temperature.

NOTE: The C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad requires that users place jumpers on JP1, JP2, and JP3 in order for the board to power up. Jumpers are not currently included in the first revision of the kit but will be included on further revisions. In the meantime, users can purchase jumpers here.

  • Pre-programmed C2000 Piccolo F28027 MCU
  • Built in isolated XDS100 JTAG Emulator enables real-time in-system programming and debugging via USB
  • CPU reset button and programmable push button
  • Enables development on any Piccolo F2802x device
  • Free unrestricted version of Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE) v5
  • Free download of controlSUITE™ software with examples, libraries, application software and more

What's Included
  • C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad Evaluation Board (LAUNCHXL-F28027)
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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