Chameleon 1 Basic Enclosure

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Product description

Chameleon 1 is an enclosure for popular development boards including Atmel NGW100, Arduino, Olimex, and ET-AVR and ET-ARM Stamp dev boards. It also supports Sparkfun XBee Regulated and FreeWave MegaMini RF modules.

You have your project working on the bench? Great! Now what? How do you get it into something you can haul or install? Answer: Chameleon 1.

Making faceplates and bringing connectors out in a clean way has always been a challenge. Sure you have a Dremel, and you're not afraid to use it, but wouldn't it be nice to have a face-plate all ready to go for your dev board?

Within minutes you can have your dev board off the bench and into a pre-fit enclosure - simple as that. Hand in glove.

Chameleon 1 is a universal enclosure that supports popular development boards and RF devices from Atmel, Arduino, Olimex, ET, Sparkfun and FreeWave. Chameleon 1 comes standard with one blank faceplate, stand-offs and pre-center-punched holes in the base plate that are pre-measured exactly for quickly mounting the following products:

Add Your Faceplate

Add one of seven faceplate types, sold separately, to create your own custom Chameleon 1 configuration:

    * NGW100
    * FriendlyARM mini2440
    * Arduino
    * Olimex AVR P28 or P28
    * Olimex SAM7 P64 or P256
    * ET-AVR Stamp
    * Blank - seal both ends

Using a 1/8" drill-bit, as referenced by the hole guide, holes are drilled so that the ¼" standoffs can be mounted on the universal base plate. After drilling the pre-center-punched holes (small dents that guide the drill so it doesnʼt skate) your board will be perfectly positioned to match the included appropriate faceplate for your board. No measuring or tweaking is required.

The hole pattern for the Olimex AVR-P28 is 80x100mm and is a very common board size. The Chameleon 1 base plate was engineered to accommodate a host of 80x100mm boards including most Olimex dev boards and the Sparkfun Marsupial protoboards.

Chameleon 1 is made of a stiff, lightweight aluminum. At only 9.5 ounces (269 gr), Chameleon 1 is a ready-made, rapid-install, hard-shell enclosure for your system. This solid platform feels "bomber" when you get it put together.

Chameleon 1 comes standard with a powder-coated black exterior that can be used as-is or painted if desired.

Chameleon 1 also comes standard with:

    * (1) Universal base plate
    * (1) Lid
    * (1) Board mounting hardware kit including ¼” standoffs, screws and nuts
    * (16) self-cutting, self-tapping metal screws to securely attach the lid and faceplates
    * (1) Blank face plates
    * (1) Hardware package includes:
          o (4) 1/4" female/female standoffs
          o (4) 1/4" male/female standoffs
          o (10) 1/4" 4-40 screws
          o (10) 4-40 nuts

Development boards and board-specific faceplate are not included.  Customize your Chameleon 1 Basic with a faceplate for your development board.  See related products below for board-specific faceplates.


    * Length 6.15"
    * Width 5.00"
    * Height 2.00"

Base Plate

    * Length 6.15"
    * Width 4.90"
    * Height 0.40"

Many general purpose enclosures require the purchase of optional mounting feet to secure the enclosure to a solid surface. The Chameleon 1's lid is designed with the enclosure mounting built-in. Two hole patterns (one on each corner) provide one open and one closed mounting.

The open mounting allows the enclosure to slide down over existing bolts or wing nuts (not included). The closed holes allow the enclosure to be directly mounted to a solid surface using wood or sheet metal screws (not included).

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