HDMI/DVI - RGB Adapter (CTP) with ATmega32U4 Touchcontroller

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Product.Nr.: 20160055

Product description

Universal HDMI Adapter for different TFT screens, based on the TI TFP401 IC and a Atmel ATmega32u4 for controlling the Touchscreen.

The RTP version is configured for a Resitive Touch Panel and the CTP version for a Capacitive Touch Panel.

Further information about the connecting here.


- TI TFP401
  • HDMI compatible (DVI, no Sound, no HDCP, no CEC)
  • Pixel Rates up to 165 MHz (including 1080p and WUXGA at 60 Hz)
  • True-Color, 24-Bit/Pixel, 16.7M Colors

- Atmel ATmega32U4 (pre-programmed with bootloader and test firmware)

  • Arduino Leonardo compatible Bootloader
  • USB-HID Mouse
  • Backlight dimmable

- LED Backlight Boost Regulator (up to 35V)

- EDID EEProm (24LC02B)

- single 5V Power Supply via microUSB

- 3.3V - 5V tolerant UART and I2C interface

- Size: 52mm x 52mm

More information: learn.watterott.com/hdmi-adapter

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