Little Robot Friends - Do-It-Yourself Kit Ghosty

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Product description

Improve your soldering skills with real electronic components by building your own Little Robot Friend from a DIY Kit!

A good challenge for people with some soldering experience under their belts! All the surface-mount components are already on the board - you just have to give it eyes, a mouth, hair, and resistor shoelaces (to set its personality)

If you're finished building a robot, you could try messing around with your DIY Robot's Arduino-friendly source code with a Hacker Dock!

Required Tools (Not Included): Soldering iron (with adjustable temperature control and fine tip), thin-gauge solder wire (we use 0.38 mm diameter), small pliers, wire snips, household glue, small Philips screwdriver, 2x AAA batteries

   - Not recommended for children under 13 years old unless supervised by an adult
   - Soldering iron & solder wire not included
   - Batteries not included
   - Premium wood trim - standard feature for a limited time only!

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