STM32F103TBU6 ARM Cortex-M3 Dev-Board

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Product description

HY-TinySTM103T is entry level development board for the ARM Cortex M3 family of devices produced by ST Microelectronics Inc. With HY-TinySTM103T you can explore the features of STM32 family on budget, the board have everything necessary to build simple applications: USB port where power is taken and power supply circuit, reset and oscillator circuits, SWD/ISP for programming and debugging, one status LEDs and reset button.

Although very simple this board will allow you to easily build USB application like PC mouse, USB mass storage device, USB Audio class device, USB to Virtual RS232 port. There are plenty of GPIOs on extension headers where you can connect your additional circuits.

Important, SWD interface subject to schematic, not PCB screen printing. ISP PIN order is GND, SWCLK, SWDIO, UART1-RX, UART1-TX, 3.3V.


    CPU: STM32F103TBU6 ARM 32 bit Cortex-M3
    On-Chip Memory: 128KB Flash & 20KB RAM
    12pin FPC connector to LCD modules ( RPI-SPI-32LCD & RPI-SPI-28LCD )
    Micro USB connector
    ISP button
    RESET button
    status LED
    power supply LED
    on board voltage regulator 3.3V with up to 300mA current
    single power supply: takes power from USB port or extension connector pin
    8Mhz crystal oscillator
    extension headers for all microcontrollers pins
    Dimensions: 31.9 × 21.3mm
    Distance between the extension connectors: 2.54 mm (1")

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