Short Crust Case for Raspberry Pi 1 Model B

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Product description

Short Crust is a case for the Raspberry Pi Modell B which is designed to look attractive, be easy to use and be adaptable for different types of projects. It has a simple and elegant look and is designed to be used with a variety of projects – and look great whilst doing so. It features a very easy to use “snap in place” mounting method for the Raspberry Pi which keeps it very secure, but easy to remove from the case when you want to. It uses a simple flat top cover, which makes it extremely easy for you to customise the case yourself – with different colours or materials. Additionally due to the brass screw thread mounting points you can customise the case in other ways – with extensions and stacking of components above the Raspberry Pi.

Cable management becomes a breeze with the Short Crust case, and it keeps your SD card very well protected due to its extended length.

Features include:

  • Simple, clean design with easy access to all inputs and outputs.

  • MicroUSB power relocated to the same side as USB and Ethernet ports for tidy cable management.

  • Raspberry Pi snaps into place – secure, no rattling, and easily removable.

  • Internal mounting holes for attaching the case directly to your project / prototype.

  • Removable cover for hiding the RCA and 3.5mm audio ports when not in use.

  • ‘Smoke’ tinted acrylic covers for a clean look while leaving the Raspberry Pi visible.

  • Simple, flat covers to make it easier for you to create your own and customize the look of the case.

  • Open top design with brass screw thread mounting points to allow user made, custom design extensions and stacking of components above the Raspberry Pi.

  • SD card doesn’t protrude from the case – looks attractive, easily removable, protected from accidental knocks.

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