Shortening microSD Adapter for Raspberry Pi & Macbooks

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Product description

Adding shortening to a Pi makes it fatter - but this kind of shortening makes your Pi a little slimmer! This short-style microSD adapter slides in where the SD card goes but is 9mm shorter. This makes it stick out a lot less and makes for a more elegant (and less accident-prone) Pi. All you have to do is pop in a microSD card for a sleeker machine! The outer edge of the SD adapter has a deep grove for a fingernail to pull on for removal.

Because its just a shorter microSD adapter, this short microSD adapter will work in any Raspberry Pi case (our, other, low-profile microSD adapter card is a bit thicker and doesn't work in all cases, including the Adafruit Pi case and PiBows). Protrudes from edge of Raspberry Pi 8mm when installed

This microSD adapter also worked great in our Macbook pro - load it up with a 64 microSD card and you've got a ton more storage, but without the sticking-out of a normal sized SD.

MicroSD card and Raspberry Pi NOT INCLUDED

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