Soldering Wires 1,0mm Sn60Pb40 250g

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Product description

• Halide-activated natural resin fluxes
• High activity, good spread and high residue reliability
• Flux residues - can be left on the PCB
• Non-corrosive on NE metals
• Soldering in electronics and electrical assembly, audio devices and telecommunications
• Soldering on copper, brass, silver, as well as cadmium, nickel and tin surfaces
• Hand and robot soldering

Melting Range: 183...190°C
Flux Type (IEC 61190-1-3 ROM1): 1.1.2.B
Flux Content: 2,5%
Corrosive Effects (DIN 8516): None
Alloy (ISO 9453:2006: S-Sn60Pb40
Flux Core: 1 Core

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