TEK-BEAGLE: BeagleBoard xM Case (ice white)

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Product description

TEKO know-how comes into play by presenting on the market the new case “TEK-BEAGLE” specific for housing the “Beagleboard XM (Rev. C) card. Following the success of TEK-BERRY - our solution to housing Raspberry PI - we are now pleased to propose the new TEK-BEAGLE.


The new case “TEK-BEAGLE” features a fresh and innovative design that, complemented by technical solutions aimed at enhancing the performances of embedded Mini-PC, identifies the well-know TEKO-Style.

TEK-BEAGLE  Specifiche tecniche

Flame retardant material Bayblend  (ABS  + PC) – Flame class VO -  to ensure an excellent mechanical strength even when exposed to high temperatures.

Fast and secure closing by 4 screws on the bottom.

Internal fixing studs for an easy  and intuitive fixing of the “Beagleboard-XM”.

Aeration slots on all the perimeter of the base for a proper airflow in order to not overheat the components.
Sides of the case protrude to protect the connectors.

Supply includes 4 transparent non-slip feet that cover the screws.