PICAXE URF Module (uncased)

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Product description

The URF is the easiest and most convenient way to wirelessly communicate between a PICAXE chip and a computer. Simply connect the URF directly to the USB port of your computer and an ERF module to the PICAXE chip.

Power is supplied from the USB port, and the URF transparently passes serial characters to and from individual or multiple ERF radio devices. You don't need to use complex encoding or error checking as it is all done for you - simply send raw text/data form your favourite Serial Terminal application, and receive text/data via ‘serin’. Even the baud rate is set automatically on the remote ERF!

When paired with a URF module you can also wirelessly reprogram a PICAXE chip ‘over-the-air’. Simply replace your download cable with a URF/ERF pair for instant wireless PICAXE programming and debugging. All baud rate settings are fully automatic when used in this way.

Key Features:

  • Plugs into the computer’s USB port to provide a virtual COM port.
  • Defaults to ‘N9600’ baud rate/polarity, but auto-sets baud rate when paired with ERF module.
  • Communicates with XRF, URF and ERF modules.
  • Inbuilt chip antenna for neat robust finish, up to 500m range (LOS)
  • Point to point, point to multipoint, or custom addressing available
  • Can specify a network identifier PANID to separate communications into separate networks if desired
  • Based on the Texas Instruments CC1110 combined micro & RF transceiver. Runs as standard at 868.3MHz, but 6 different frequencies can be configured (e.g. to use 6 different pairs in the same classroom). The chip antenna is optimised for 868-
  • 915MHz, but will also work at 315MHz and 433MHz with a reduced range.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Android with OTG support
A USB extension cable (e.g. part CAB033) is recommended when using the URF module.

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