WS2812 RGB LED Stripe 5V - 60 LEDs/m waterproof (5m)

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Product description

Weatherproof RGB LED stripes based on the WS2812 SMD LED with build in controller.
You only need one wire to control the LEDs. You can use the Adafruit Neopixel library to control the LEDs.

Voltage: 5V DC
Current: up to 4A/m

Sold as 5m piece with JST plugs on both sides.


1. Please solder a 300ohm resistor at controllers’ DAT output port to protect WS2811RGB and WS2812B DIN Port.
2. Please DO NOT Insert or Pull out WS2811 or WS2812B led strip when controller’s Power is on. All Operation should be done when the Power is off. Otherwise the first led’s DAT will be ruined very easily.
3. Please confirm all installation are finished before turning on the power. If any of installation needs to be revised, Please cut off the power firstly. Never do any operation when the power is on.
4. When you add only one piece Power supplier at the head of led strip, because of the Voltage-drop, maybe the tail of led strip will be dark or flickering. Please also add one piece power supplier at the tail of led strip. Then the strip will work well.

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