Wattuino RC - WiFi/WLAN Robot Controller (SAMW25)

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Product description

The Wattuino RC is a small Atmel/Microchip SAMW25 based robot controller board.
On-board you can find two Dual Full-Bridge motor drivers from Alegro (A3909) to connect up to 4 DC motors with a max. phase current of 1A.
You can power the board from 7-14V and the 5V / 2A switching regulator can supply also larger external periphery.
All pins are 5V tolerant and the connectors are made with JST PH headers.

The board comes preassembled with all SMD components mounted and the JST PH connectors are included.

  • Microchip SAMW25 Module (SAMD21 ARM Cortex-M0+ and WINC1500 WiFi/WLAN SoC)
  • USB VCP+MSC Bootloader (Arduino compatible)
  • 5V tolerant IOs, SPI, UART, I2C
  • 2x Dual Full-Bridge Motor Drivers (Allegro Micro A3909) to control 4 DC Motors
  • MicroUSB connector for programming/communication
  • 5V switching voltage regulator
  • PCB Size: 70mm x 50mm

Hardware: github.com/watterott/wattuino

Software: learn.watterott.com/arduino/watterott-boards

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