BME280 Breakout and TSL25911 Breakout

Last week we finished two new sensor breakouts:

BME280 Breakout

The BME280 is one of the newest Bosch humidity, pressure and temperature sensor with digital I2C and SPI interface. On the breakout you can find a voltage regulator and level translator, so you can use the board on 3V to 5,5V systems.

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TSL25911 Breakout

Breakout with TSL25911 digital light sensor from AMS-TAOS. The sensor has a direct Lux output via I2C and broadband photodiode (visible plus infrared) and one infrared-responding photodiode on a single CMOS integrated
circuit. So you can measure visible and IR light intensity.

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Wattuino Nanite841

Last week we finished our new Wattuino Nanite841.

Wattuino Nanite841

The Wattuino Nanite 841 is a very small board based on a Atmel ATtiny841.

You can program it over the microUSB connector and the Micronucleus USB Bootloader.

- Atmel AVR ATtiny841 (internal clock)
- 14-Pin DIP and pin-compatible with 14-Pin SOIC ATtiny841
- Designed by Tim Böscke
- Micronucleus USB Bootloader
- MicroUSB connector
- Hardware SPI/I2C/UART interface
- Size: 24.13mm x 10.16mm

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LEGO compatible Raspberry Pi enclosure

Since today we stock also the Lego compatible Raspberry Pi enclosure Smart Pi 2.
The enclosure comes in 4 different colors (only the top plate) and includes also a camera mount.

Smart Pi 2 green

Smart Pi 2 blue

Smart Pi 2 red

Smart Pi 2 gray

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