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New online store

Currently we are moving our shop and also the ERP system, the new shop can be found at:

The complete move should be completed in September 2019, then all products can be found in this shop.
If you need products from both systems, please send us the order via email.

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New Raspberry Pi 4

Today the new Raspberry Pi 4 has been released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.There are 3 variants with 1, 2 and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and the CPU is a 1.5GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 (Broadcom BCM271). Other new features are two micro HDMI ports, each support 4k displays and the power is supplied via USB-C.
The Raspberry Pi 4will be available our new shop:

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TMC2209 SilentStepStick

On 11th June the brand new TMC2209 SilentStepStick will be available.

TMC2209 SilentStepStick
- Hardware compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988
- Step/Dir interface with microstep interpolation (up to 256 microsteps)
- stealthChop2 - for quiet operation and smooth motion
- spreadCycle - highly dynamic motor control chopper
- coolStep - current control for energy savings
- stallGuard4 - sensorless motor load detection

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