FabScan Pi - OpenSource 3D Scanner

FabScan Pi - OpenSource 3D Scanner

FabScan Pi Set with Raspberry Pi

FabScan Pi Set without Raspberry Pi

FabScan Pi Set without Raspberry Pi and Camera

You can find more information about the project from Mario Lukas at the website.
There is also an article in the popular MagPi magazine:

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FabScanPi Raspberry Pi HAT and Raspberry Pi camera RingLight

We made in the last weeks two new products:

RPi-FabScan-HAT - Raspberry Pi HAT for the FabScanPi 3D Scanner


The HAT is based on the ATmega328 (same like Arduino/Genuino UNO) and is controlling the low level things, like stepper motor, servo and laser.
The HAT has support for up to 3 stepper motor drivers or 1 stepper and 2 servo motors.

RPi-RingLight - RGB ring light for the Raspberry Pi camera module


The RPi-RingLight is a RGB camera ring light based on the WS2812B LEDs, so you can control the color and brightness of the ring only with one pin.
The kit includes alson the screws, spaces and nuts for mounting a Raspberry Pi camera module V1.x and V2

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Since today we have the TinkerBots robot kits in stock.

Tinker Bots Wheeler Set

The Wheeler Set will introduce you and your kids to the world of robotics! With our first building kits you can build different cars and robots and bring them to life, either through manually teaching them movements or by using our Tinkerbots App for phones and tablets. Let your creativity loose and bring your creations to life!

Tinker Bots Advanced Builder Set

The Advanced Builder robotic kit combines playing and learning in a very natural way for all children 6 years or older. You and your kids can build different animals, cars or machines together and even control them and their movements. Building robots is easy - you just connect the different modules with one another! And thanks to the powerful Powerbrain the robots are able to learn movements and to be remotely controlled via our own Tinkerbots App for phone and tablet.

Tinker Bots Sensoric Mega Set

Fun and learning with Tinkerbots robotic kids! Through curiosity and an intuitive play, children discover the world of robotics, mechanics and sensorics. Combine various modules like the Twister, the Pivot and the Grabber, add colourful bricks and even LEGO┬« Bricks to build cars, animals and monsters! Building your robots is easy and with the different modules there are so many options!

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