Solarzelle 37 x 66mm

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Art.Nr.: SCC3766


Monokristalline Solarzelle mit einer Spannung von 8V, dabei ist ein maximaler Strom von 44mA möglich.

The next in our series of small-scale, high voltage solar cells is the SCC3766. Nominally rated at 6.7V and 30mA, our direct-sunlight tests show just over 8V open-circuit, and 44mA short-circuit!

Epoxy protects the 14 cells mounted on a PCB backplane, making these very robust. You won't risk breaking these like the old glass-backed cells.

These new cells also feature a SOT123 footprint on the backside for installing a user supplied parallel-wired zener diode for over-voltage protection.

Data Sheet: Solstice 2007 - Solarcell Tests

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