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Kettenantriebsrad von Solarbotics

- ideal für die Getriebemotor2 GM2/3/8/9

These cogs let you interface our popular GM2/3/8/9 series gear motors with the very cool GMT tread links. They've been precision molded to mate with the gear motor's double-flat output shafts. They're so precise and snug, you might not even need to use the included mounting screw to lock the cogs on!

The GMTC Cog measures 38mm (1.5") diameter x 15mm (19/32") wide, and is made of the same long-life ABS plastic the tread links use.

Note: The cogs have an extremely tight fit on the GM8 & GM9. You may find filing the gearmotor output shaft down a wee bit a huge help to mounting the cogs.

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