Getriebemotor 4 - Clear Servo

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Getriebemotor in Form eines Modellbau Servos 46.6mm x 55.4mm x 20.0mm.

We had Grand-Wing Servo supply us with an inventory of their modified GWS05 servo! It's a servo body, with servo gears, but with continuous rotation, and no electronics! Yup, a servo without PCB!

These unique gear motors are actually clear-case servos with continuous-rotation ability. No circuit board means you get a cheap, robust, servo-shaped motor with brass bushings on the output shaft. 

Each motor comes with a standard servo accessory pack. Large plastic SW Servo Wheel not included.

Measurements: 1.83" x 2.18" x 0.79" (46.6mm x 55.4mm x 20.0mm)

Weight: 1.35oz (38.4g)

Gear Ratio: 325.1:1

Voltage Torque (metric)

Torque (imperial)

RPM Current (free) Current (stalled)
3V 2.5kg*cm 35in*oz 67 64mA 322mA
6V 3.6kg*cm 51in*oz 77 93mA 529mA

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