Raspberry Pi Kühlkörper Set - RPI-COOLKIT

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Teko hat speziell für den Raspberry PI ein Kühlkörper Set entwickelt, bei Tests konnte die Temperatur um etwa 12°C gesenkt werden.

Die Kühlkörper werden einfach auf den SoC, USB/Ethernet Controller und den Spannungsregler mir dem beiliegenden wärmeleitfähigen Klebeband geklebt.

As we know, the Raspberry Foundation offered the possibility to  maximize the performances of Raspberry-PI Rev. 2 by providing  a 512M-RAM and by overclocking up to 1GhZ without affecting  the warranty: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/2008

This inevitably leads to a substantial increase of the temperature of the main components and a consequent reduction in lifetime of the board.

To overcame this problem, TEKO has developed a cooling kit which allow to reduce the temperature. The kit consists of three heat sinks to apply directly on the SOC (BMC2835), on the USB/Ethernet (LAN 9512) and on the regulator voltage by means of the 3M thermal adhesive included in the kit.

The tests we did with thermal chamber by playing the QUAKE-3 DEMO , show a strong reduction of the temperature up to 12°C.

The benefits of using our KIT:

  • easy assembling assured by the 3M adhesive tape
  • extremely low profile to an easy access to GPIO
  • compatible with Raspberry PI Rev-1 and Rev-2
  • no noisy funs
  • extension of life of your Raspberry PI
  • reduction of failure risk

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