LightBlue Bean+ - Bluetooth + ATmega328 (Arduino kompatibel)

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Introducing the most powerful Bluetooth development board.

The LightBlue Bean+ is an Arduino-compatible board that you program wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Bean+ is the latest addition to the LightBlue Bean family: a line of easy-to-use, wireless Arduinos. With new Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities, solderless connectors, 16 GPIOs, a rechargeable battery and enough range to program your neighbor's Beans.

- Make an awesome smartphone controlled lock.
- This text alert pumpkin is on fire.
- Bring your Bean+ to the next level with the Gamepad.

Since there are no wires needed to program it, you can build the Bean+ right into your next project. What will you build next? Check out the Bean website for tutorials, example projects, and software.

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